May 13 '16 All we need is music


Whenever you’re upset, happy or clueless in life – music is your best friend, it’ll never leave your side. So, what could be better than creating your own?

Let's do it with music

Let’s do it with music

Let akai apc40 at guitarcenter help you out in creating the best master piece, from the heart and from the soul. Just enjoy and let others feel the same way, don’t be afraid to express yourself and feelings! Music’s gonna be the best friend you need in this process.

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May 01 '16 Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s day is coming! Have any gift? Ideal gifts for moms aren’t pretty hard to think of or get actually especially if you truly know your mom by heart.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

But if you’re clueless, some of the best gifts are actually very obvious – say, have you noticed if she’s having a hard time doing something in the kitchen or in the garden? I bet you how happy she’ll be if you get her something useful!

Then there’s also the fancy little girly things, because our moms are also ladies and little girls inside their warm yet strong heart.

Well, mother’s day are coming! I hope you give the best if not, the one that comes from the heart, for your moms, around the world.

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