Aug 20 '14 Yellow Ribbon Sale!


It’s that time of the year again, the Yellow Ribbon Deals!



For those who don’t know, it has been a Historic Saleabration where you can go shop your heart out…up to 80% off!!! What a steal, right?

But before that, it’s time to relive your heroic passion and go back to history.

Once upon a time in our country, there was a man who made the world stand still at a moment..

About thirty one years ago, yellow ribbons were tied around trees and electric lamp post when opposition leader Ninoy Aquino was welcomed after self exile from the US. Unfortunately, he never got to see the yellow ribbons because of his assassination.

He was not able to see the frenetic yellow confetti all over business district’s towering sky rise buildings – the Metro Manila areas with showering confetti on brave people and the pushing folks from all walks of life to go out on the streets, to rise to the call of the times.

At that time, marches and rallies filled the streets of Manila and Makati and key cities of the country, in remembering and honouring a martyred man: Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino III. On August 21, 1983 many believed “The world stood still to honor a man.” With his martyrdom, it led to the peaceful yet powerful EDSA People Power revolution in 1986. It was a tragic moment many couldn’t forget but at this day, many are also proud to have become part of this special day. avidly celebrates and recognizes the heroism of Ninoy as it holds a special Yellow Ribbon Sale from August 21-25, 2014 (starting tomorrow!)

You can get your chance to avail of up to 80% off on regular priced items with the yellow ribbon tag! Go shop to your heart’s desire, enjoy the many perks as a valuable customer of offer a wide selection of the best and finest products available from Mobiles and Tablets or any gadgets, as well as groceries, fashion, health and beauty, consumer electronics, appliances, home and living, special items and books! There’s so much you can buy!

So, what are you waiting for celebrate Ninoy Aquino Day by enjoying 4 days of Yellow Ribbon Sale at!

It’s a special sale with a hero in mind!

Aug 03 '14 Wedding Blues: For Kids


Weddings are always fun, decorative and full of emotions. But it’s not just the older people who get all the attention – kids too because they are part of the whole ceremony.

Flower girls and ring bearers add some spice to this special day, showing their cuteness and innocence are just too much to handle! This gives more reasons to find good sources for tuxedos for kids!

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Aug 03 '14 Sammydress Review


Hi all! This is pretty much delayed. I mean, really! So first, I would like to apologise for the delay of the review. But now, here it is! Thank you so much Sammydress for this opportunity to try out your wonderful products :) Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 5.01.39 PM Sammydress is an online store where you can buy fancy dresses, jewelries and the likes (anything girly and even for men!). What you got to love about their online shops is that they’re very affordable. Their aim is to keep you updated with the latest fashion styles, providing the best prices and the best awesome dresses. So you can finally get designer clothes you’ve always wanted with spending less! Now, if you know me, I’m not really the kind of girl who shops for dresses and stuff. But okay, secretly, I’d like to have these pretty things because, I’m a girl after all. So, when a representative from Sammydress contacted me I was hype and ecstatic! I’m pretty surprised as well since this isn’t the main theme of my blog (although I post sort of “fashion” post). Anyway I was asked to choose what I wanted to try:


Yup! I got the chance to get these three lovelies! Combined, they all cost about $25.00 or so, and, shipping is free! So, why not right? It was really exciting after she said they will be sent to me! So, after about 2 weeks, these items arrived! It was very timely because I was thinking of something to wear last Toycon. I didn’t eventually “flaunt” it though, I’m still the shy type. And I don’t have any assistant to take pictures of me wearing it (ehem,ehem) And, here are the results: 20140621_170438 I had a bit of trouble with the skirt so I paired it with one of the shorts I got from Thailand. It didn’t seem that bad. My favorite part of these is the ribbon (not sure how you call that) it reminds me very much of anime school girls (which I’m aiming at). The coat reminds me of Makise Krisu from Steins;Gate so I just had to wear it, I just had to! Plus, the coat is very much nice to wear on any kind of day, especially these days, it’s become rainy lately here in Philippines.

Selfie in Blue ~

Selfie in Blue ~

20140712_124325 For these second set, I didn’t have anyone to take pictures of me so they’re pretty much, selfies. But I really liked how fancy the clothes were! They’re perfect for a Sunday date.


Hmm, what can I say? I really like how it arrived very fast! Plus, their designs are really unique. For someone who doesn’t like to shop much for clothes but still want to update their closet, they’re the best place to run to. Even anime lovers (cos-players) will find Sammydress a good source for nice dresses and of course, girls who like to prep up! The best part? They are affordable!

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