Dec 02 '14 Perfect Lights for Christmas


Christmas is yet again, just around the corner. And as usual, everyone’s hype and excited!

Christmas spirit everywhere!

Christmas spirit everywhere!

Christmas is the most exciting event of the year because of the gifts, the food, the gathering and everything! From music, to contests – everything about Christmas is just joyful and full of spirit.

What can make it more exciting are some nice strobe lights. It would even be more filled with lights and happiness! Don’t you think? So, Merry Christmas season to us!

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Nov 16 '14 TuneCore:Q3 Milestone


It’s always great to know how much independent artists are doing, thanks to TuneCore!

TuneCore's Q3 Milestone

TuneCore’s Q3 Milestone

This post was created in partnership with TuneCore. All opinions are my own.

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Jun 28 '14 Southtree lets you keep your memories…


Take pictures often? Don’t worry, many of us do! Pictures are very useful in recording special moments in our lives, even history so there’s no wonder why. However, not everyone are able to keep them properly – that is where Southtree comes in.

Southtree lets you have the chance to preserve your memories in a more special way. With their help you can send out beautiful gift cards and even booklets. You can even save them for life with their ForeverFiles which lets you save it, well, forever.

Because memories matter

Because memories matter

And because Southtree understands that memories matter, they are giving you to try their service for the first time with %25 off any order until 7/15/14! Just put the code “blog25″ and you’re good to go. They know the importance of special moments in your life and they’re here to make it more elegant for you!


This post was created in partnership with Southtree. All opinions are my own.

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