Jan 18 '15 Belated Greetings, Happy 2015!


Wow, sorry for the delay of my greetings. But I wanted to greet you a Happy New Year as well! Although is 17 days late. I’ve been really busy with other things and my web host for this blog seem to be having hickups.

That said, I still hope for a fruitful year with this blog – and hope that I’ll have some time to give it a makeover or so. After all, it’s been like 3-4 years since I went on changing the site layout. Gosh. The same goes for my other blogs.

Anyway, thanks if you’re still reading this, and even if you aren’t I still thank you for dropping by regardless of the mess I left here.

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Dec 02 '14 Perfect Lights for Christmas


Christmas is yet again, just around the corner. And as usual, everyone’s hype and excited!

Christmas spirit everywhere!

Christmas spirit everywhere!

Christmas is the most exciting event of the year because of the gifts, the food, the gathering and everything! From music, to contests – everything about Christmas is just joyful and full of spirit.

What can make it more exciting are some nice strobe lights. It would even be more filled with lights and happiness! Don’t you think? So, Merry Christmas season to us!

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