May 18 '15 Marry Me


Here’s another song to brighten up your wedding day. It’s lovely as it shares different stories of love in the beginning. They’re really inspiring and they make you believe that true love does exist, and that, if you believe, it will happen – even meeting ‘that’ person destined for you. {official video from Youtube}

May 18 '15 Wedding music


Weddings are grand and full of emotions. It’s very memorable and highly anticipated, especially with the involved couple finally tying the knot.

However, not everyone remembers how important wedding music is. Other than the songs, there should be relaxing music to play while the guests arrive and while important people speak out their thoughts and well-wishes for the couple.

Doing so, having a 4 channel amplifier is a must. It will help a lot to make sure everyone hears, and every one knows. Music brings a good feeling and at this time, even more emotions because music tells stories, and they must make the love stories of these couple more “powerful”.

After the mellow sound, during night time, it’s also the time to party hard and rock! Since everyone will want to have fun at the end of the ceremony.

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